Polar Fis+ Advanced "Kessy Edition"

FIS display upgrade med mange funktioner
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Fra Auto Polar har vi her muligheden for at tilbyde en rigtig god upgrade til FIS displayet så man kan få flere relevante oplysninger op i displayet.

Der kommer hele tiden nye updates og flere og flere biler understøttes. Der er nu også understøttelse til hvid FIS og ikke kun rød som tidligere

Jan 2016 : Passer nu også til Audi A3, S3 og RS3 modellerne i 8P platformen

Vi hjælper gerne med montering i København eller Viborg og kender også flere mekanikere andre steder der kan hjælpe med montering hvis man ikke er klar på den opgave selv

Er du i tvivl om det passer til din bil så kontakt os gerne

Auto Polar siger :

What is PolarFIS Advanced ?  

PolarFIS Advanced is a electronic device oriented to the VAG vehicle market. This device allows you to visualize very important engine parameters “hidden” in your car. You only need to connect the device easily inside your vehicle and you will start to monitorize all you desire in real time.

Currently are supported near 140 engine parameters, depending of the model of vehicle. Some important functions of diagnosis and comfort are available too.

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Mirror lowering function

Use this and when you engage reverse gear, passenger mirror will go to that position, returning normal position after disengage it

Parktronic distance control

PolarFIS enables a new screen for distance measuring, showed directly in the FIS screen using Parktronic sensors

Battery drain fixments

Function for fix battery drain in case that you retrofit an RNS510 navigation unit with a gateway index K or bellow

Customizable screens

Configure up to 10 virtual desktops in your display. Choose what parameters you desire to monitorize and select it

User friendly interface

Best user interface developed: fast, friendly and complete. Control all with original buttons from steering wheel

Online upgrade server

Feel free to upgrade your device with our last updates and improve at max your products. Always ready in this website

TV Free function

TV-free function to enable video in motion playback in OEM all kind of radio and navigation units


OPS emulation in cars with last generation radio/navigation, this allow to see Parktronic screen without replace unit/sensors

BT Compatibility (Exclusive in PolarFIS)

Add BT compatibility with BT hands free units for white dot clusters. Install PolarFIS and see the telephone menu in your FIS

Engine ECU database

Support for more than 4.500 ECUs motor of models supported. Database growns each update, when new hardware appears

Real time display (FIS)

PolarFIS gives you all the information needed in absolutely real time, so forget delays and get the important data instantly

100% Secure technology

Extract the information and show it on the screen without any risk. PolarFIS not modify nothing, is a product totally safe

Chronometer function

Enable a new screen for race lovers. Stopwatch for acceleration and for lap time measuring

Climatronic (Exclusive in PolarFIS)

New function to see climatronic adjusts in RNS-510 screens (only available actually in Skoda vehicles)

Diagnostics and comfort functions

Do common coding functions from the FIS screen. Rain sensors, light sensors (DRL, cornering, american, etc.) and much more.

Chip tuners / ECU remapping

Specially developed for use it with remapped vehicles and compatible with actual companies involved in this area.

Full parameter list

Monitorize near 140 parameters in the vehicle and show it in your original diplay. Get the control of everything inside.


More than 140 parameters ready !!  

After connect the PolarFIS Advanced device to your vehicle, you will be ready to monitorize every function supported in our product from a huge list of parameters added in our database.

Actually, for see all this information and functions, you need to connect external tools and computers or laptops for connect into your vehicle and monitorize it, but this is an uncomfortable way of see all this data and information. With PolarFIS technology you will not need it anymore !!

The installation procedure is very easy and fast, you only need to locate your gateway, and plug it there. For sure, is not necessary any technical knowledge and not cut or solder any wire into your vehicle (safe procedure).

Another products of the market need install external displays but PolarFIS uses the original display of your vehicle and allows you to manage it with the buttons of your steering wheel. So, forget connect external computers or device in your vehicle and move it to the PolarFIS technology.


Essential for Chiptuners / remapping  

PolarFIS Advanced has been developed with the collaboration of several experts and companies dedicated to tuning / ECU remapping for create an useful device which in many cases eliminates the use of a computer with diagnostic software. This makes of PolarFIS a really interesting product for this profile of customers.



Up to 10 Virtual screens !!

Have full control of all your engine in absolutely real time with our customizable virtual screens (up to 10 screens availables) !!



PolarFIS enable “A2DP”, What is this?  

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system).
Such devices typically also support the AVRCP profile as well in order to allow for track selection and such.

A common misconception is that A2DP support is available on all Bluetooth 2.0 devices, which is not the case, and that A2DP is only available on Bluetooth 2.0 devices, which is also not true. A2DP support can exist in older versions of Bluetooth, it just was not commonly supported.

Battery drain function for RNS510  

PolarBT solve one important problem detected in the newest RNS-510 firmwares (from 26xx), in cars that have assembled gateways prior to index K. This make that your battery have drain issues and get damaged.

With our device, you not will need to change your gateway for fix this problem, simply plugging in your vehicle PolarBT will solve this critical issue.



Complete list of parameters and functions available in PolarFIS Advanced  


1.- Real speed
2.- External temperature
3.- RPM motor
4.- Battery voltage
5.- Petrol tank litres
6.- Calculated oil temperature
7.- Measured oil temperature
8.- Engine ambient temperature
9.- Admision temperature
10.- Cooler temperature
11.- Engine coolant output temp.
12.- Radiator coolant output temp.
13.- Oil temperature
14.- Requested boost pressure
15.- Measured boost pressure
16.- Atmospheric pressure
17.- Intake manifold absolute pressure
18.- Required fuel pump pressure
19.- Measured fuel pump pressure
20.- Fuel rail pressure
21.- Brake pedal pressure
22.- Brake pump pressure
23.- Calculated engine load
24.- Measured engine load
25.- Mass air flow
26.- Mass air flow
27.- Acelerator pedal position
28.- Acelerator pedal position
29.- Acelerator valve position
30.- Acelerator valve position
31.- Engine torque
32.- Engine power (CV)
33.- Level oil
34.- Minimun level oil
35.- Injection timing
36.- Ignition angle

37.- Misfire sum
38.- Misfire cylinder 1
39.- Misfire cylinder 2
40.- Misfire cylinder 3
41.- Misfire cylinder 4
42.- Misfire cylinder 5
43.- Misfire cylinder 6
44.- Misfire cylinder 7
45.- Misfire cylinder 8
46.- Misfire cylinder 9
47.- Misfire cylinder 10
48.- Misfire cylinder 11
49.- Misfire cylinder 12
50.- Misfire cylinder 1
51.- Misfire cylinder 2
52.- Misfire cylinder 3
53.- Misfire cylinder 4
54.- Misfire cylinder 5
55.- Misfire cylinder 6
56.- Misfire cylinder 7
57.- Misfire cylinder 8
58.- Misfire cylinder 9
59.- Misfire cylinder 10
60.- Misfire cylinder 11
61.- Misfire cylinder 12
62.- Angle delay cylinder 1
63.- Angle delay cylinder 2
64.- Angle delay cylinder 3
65.- Angle delay cylinder 4
66.- Angle delay cylinder 5
67.- Angle delay cylinder 6
68.- Angle delay cylinder 7
69.- Angle delay cylinder 8
70.- Angle delay cylinder 9
71.- Angle delay cylinder 10
72.- Angle delay cylinder 11

73.- Angle delay cylinder 12
74.- Escape temperature
75.- Escape temperature
76.- Catalyzer input temperature
77.- AFR (air / flow ratio) Lambda 1
78.- AFR (air / flow ratio) Lambda 2
79.- Fuel trim bank 1/3
80.- Fuel trim bank 2/4
81.- N75 duty cycle specified
82.- N75 duty cycle actual
83.- Injection quantity
84.- Injection start
85.- Injection duration
86.- Injection start quantity
87.- Injection quantity 1
88.- Injection quantity 2
89.- Injection quantity 3
90.- Injection quantity 4
91.- Injection quantity 5
92.- Injection quantity 6
93.- Injection quantity 7
94.- Injection quantity 8
95.- Injection quantity 9
96.- Injection quantity 10
97.- Injection quantity 11
98.- Injection quantity 12
99.- EGR duty cycle, EGR 1
100.- EGR duty cycle, EGR 2
101.- Chargue pressure control Specified
102.- Chargue pressure control Actual
103.- Temperature prior bost
104.- DPF temperature, DPF 1
105.- DPF temperature, DPF 2
106.- DPF oil Ash Volume, DPF 1
107.- DPF oil Ash Volume, DPF 2
108.- DPF filling

109.- DPF regen counter
110.- DPF input temperature
111.- DPF output temperature
112.- Lateral G-Aceleration
113.- DPF Kms. since last regen
114.- AD-Blue filling (%)
115.- AD-Blue used (grs.)
116.- Rail pressure requested
117.- Injection duration requested
118.- Injection start requested
119.- Lambda calculated diesel motor
120.- DPF filling calculated
121.- DPF regen status
122.- DPF Direfential pressure
123.- Particle filter measured soot mass
124.- Particle filter measured soot mass
125.- Particle filter calculated soot mass
126.- Particle filter calculated soot mass
127.- Lambda adaptation idle (%)
128.- Lambda adaptation idle (%)
129.- Lambda adaptation partial (%)
130.- Lambda adaptation partial (%)
131.- Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1
132.- Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2
133.- Exhaust gas temperature sensor 3
134.- Exhaust gas temperature sensor 4
135.- ASR torque requested
136.- Torque redution requested by ESP
137.- Torque limitation
138.- Requested regenerations
139.- Generator load (%)
140.- Alternator power (Watt)
141.- Rear fuel pump pressure
142.- Rear fuel pump duty cycle
143.- Compressor torque
144.- A/C pressure



1.- TV-Free function to see video in motion
2.- Battery drain fix for vehicles equipped with RNS-510 and old gateways before index “K”
3.- Parktronic OPS emulation function (see Parktronic screen in RNS510 with Parktronic PDC ecu) (only available with Skoda vehicles)
4.- Confort blinkers configurables from 3 to 10 blinks
5.- Mirror lowering function (passenger mirror goes down to a configured position when engage reverse gear)
6.- Add BT Hands free compatibility with White dot Hands free units (Can works with all models of BT for white dot cars up to this date)
7.- Activation / deactivation of RNS-510 hidden menu
8.- DIAG : 1 – Adjust sensibility percentage automatic wiper
9.- DIAG : 2 – Adjust sensibility percentage automatic lights
10.- DIAG : 3 – Activation/Deact. Daytime running lights
11.- DIAG : 4 – Activation/Deact. cornering lights
12.- DIAG : 5 – Activation/Deact. american lights
13.- DIAG : 6 – Activation/Deact. cornering lights
14.- DIAG : 7 – Activation/Deact. warning lights (blinkers)
15.- DIAG : 8 – Activation/Deact. of second rear fog light
16.- DIAG : 9 – Activation/Deact. windows automatic rain closing
17.- DIAG : 10 – Activation/Deact. automatic closing at 20 Kmh
18.- DIAG : 11 – Activation/Deact. one touch closing



1.- Czech language
2.- Danish language
3.- Dutch language
4.- English language
5.- French language
6.- German language
7.- Italian language
8.- Polish language
9.- Portuguese language
10.- Romanian language
11.- Russian language
12.- Slovak language
13.- Slovenian language
14.- Spanish language

For more translations, please not doubt in contact with our support team. We will do our best for add more languages.

 List of compatible vehicles  

  red_dot  Red fis display
  white_dot  White / Color fis display

Audi A3 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi S3 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi S3 Sportback 8P   red_dot / white_dot
Audi RS3 8P   red_dot / white_dot

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (5K)   white_dot
Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (1K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 (5C)   white_dot
Volkswagen Caddy (2K)   red_dot
Volkswagen Caddy (2C)   white_dot
Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Touran (1T)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen EOS (1F)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Passat (3C)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Passat (36)   white_dot
Volkswagen Passat CC (35)   white_dot
Volkswagen Scirocco (13)   red_dot / white_dot
Volkswagen Sharan (7N)   white_dot

Skoda Octavia II / Octavia II FL (1Z)   red_dot / white_dot
Skoda Superb II (3T)   white_dot

Seat Leon II & Seat Leon II FL (1P)   red_dot / white_dot
Seat Alhambra (7N)   white_dot
Seat Altea, AlteaXL & AlteaFreetrack (5P)   red_dot / white_dot
Seat Toledo (5P)   red_dot / white_dot





Languages availables  

List of languages availables for the different countrys

English             Slovak
French             Slovenian
German           Spanish
Italian               Czech
Polish               Danish
Portuguese      Dutch
Romanian        Chinese  (under develop.)

Package description  

This is what you will receive after order PolarFIS :

Package contains:

1 x PolarFIS device (main hardware)
1 x Connection cable (gateway)
1 x USB Data cable (for upgrade)

PolarFIS User manuals  

User manuals available for download :


Quickstart guide (EN ES DE RU) : download


User manual red cluster (EN) : download
User manual red cluster (ES) : download
User manual white/color cluster (EN) : download
User manual white/color cluster (ES) : download
User manual white/color cluster (RU) : download
Installation in Skoda octavia (EN) : download
Installation in Skoda octavia (ES) : download
Installation in VW Scirocco, Golf 5 (EN) : download
Installation in VW Scirocco, Golf 5 (ES) : download


User manual red/white cluster (EN) : download
User manual red/white cluster (ES) : download
Installation in Audi A3 S3 RS3 (EN) : download
Installation in Audi A3 S3 RS3 (ES) : download


Auto-Updater manual (EN) : download
Auto-Updater manual (ES) : download
Supported motor ECUs database : download


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