LOBA Motorsport

Quality and longevity are paramount to us. Whether we design and make our own parts or select an experienced supplier – it is always of utmost importance to us to meet the manufacturer's requirements for materials and quality or even outmatch them – no matter if a little more costly than other products.
So whoever is contemplating purchasing our camshafts, for example, may be reassured these camshafts were manufactured by no one other than the manufacturer of the original parts.

As to our specialty, turbochargers, we only resort the original manufacturer's components to ascertain the possible best of quality and longevity. Experienced engineers determine in how far which component is to be upgraded or and which means do contribute to an improved performance.

Our parts and components are solely made in Germany.

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Loba HP20 HPFP upgrade

Komplet ny HPFP til EA113 TFSI motoren


Turbo upgrade til 1.4 TSI

LOBA LO380 turbo

Upgrade til 2.0 TFSI motorerne


Turbo upgrade til Audi TTRS og RS3