APR MK7 / MK7.5 Golf R Catback Exhaust System

APR catback udstødning til Golf VII R
Producent: APR

APR udstødning i bedste kvalitet til biler der fortjener det bedste

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APR siger :

The APR Catback Exhaust System personalizes your vehicle’s looks, sound and performance. Beautifully hand-crafted T304-stainless-steel components adorn the system with stunning TIG-welding throughout. Our straight-through brushed-finished mufflers smooth the exhaust note to a deep growl, without adding restrictions, while our Helmholtz resonator reduces unwanted frequencies. Strong high-quality bracketry and OEM-style clamps hold the system steadily in place, making the install or removal a snap, and fitment simple, yet precise. A cast 3” to quad 2.5” rear splitter creates an ultra-smooth transition, steadily feeding exhaust gasses out of the system, while looking tidy from under the rear bumper. Our cast valve housings enable the vehicle to be fitted with the factory electronic valve actuators, retaining OEM valve operation.  Finally, removable 4" polished slash-cut exhaust tips finish the system, adding a classy motorsport-inspired touch to the rear of the vehicle

Quick Facts

  • T304 stainless-steel construction
  • Argon-back-purged TIG welding throughout
  • Single 3" to quad 2.5" mandrel-bent brushed tubing
  • Ultra-smooth cast 3" to quad 2.5" splitter
  • Brushed-finished straight-through sound-absorption mufflers and Helmholtz frequency reducing resonator
  • Polished 4" slash-cut exhaust tips (removable)
  • Cast valve housings and brackets for OEM electronic actuators
  • Rugged and precise mounting brackets
  • OEM style slip clamps and Torca AccuSeal T304 tip clamps
  • Direct fit to the OEM and APR Race DP exhaust systems with the included link and reducer pipes
  • Low-profile design, suitable for lowered vehicles
  • Larger diameter piping compared to stock
  • Larger diameter tips compared to stock
  • No increase in weight compared to stock
  • Designed, developed, assembled and quality controlled in-house
  • Easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty

System Overview

Our exhaust system uses larger piping compared to the factory exhaust system, yet weighs the same. We use 3" OD piping, which then splits to a quad 2.5" design. The factory system uses 2.57" piping before the resonator and 2.78” thereafter. Finally, our system’s 4" exhaust tips dwarf the factory oval tips, giving the rear of the vehicle a sportier look.

Mufflers and Resonators

The rear mufflers are responsible for reducing the exhaust note and do so without adding unnecessary restrictions to the system. Each unit features two straight-through perforated tubes that are tightly wrapped with stainless steel and fiberglass material. With the valves closed, the system is tamer, but once opened, the system sounds deep, throaty and aggressive! The mufflers have a beautiful brushed finish, and are tucked high in the exhaust tunnel, making them perfect for lowered vehicles and a treat to see when looking at the vehicle from the rear.

exhaust   exhaust

The front resonator is responsible for eliminating unwanted sound frequencies from the cabin. This is done without introducing added restrictions to the system. Using Helmholtz technology, sound waves bounce through the chamber and back into the exhaust stream, eliminating the undesirable frequencies to make the exhaust note more pleasing. During cruise, with the valves closed, the system remains calm.

exhaust  exhaust

Cast Splitter

We cast the axle-back splitter to maximize the system’s performance by keeping exhaust velocity high and back pressure low. This is accomplished by gradually splitting the system from a single 3” pipe to quad 2.5” pipes. The organically shaped casting allows us to make this transition gradually as to not disturb the flow of gasses. Furthermore, as this component is visible from the rear of the vehicle, we made sure form matched function with a beautiful surface finish, TIG welding, unique bracketry and brushed, mandrel bent tubing.

exhaust exhaust
Picture of APR Catback Exhaust w/ Old Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (Pre-Facelift)
APR Catback Exhaust w/ Old Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (Pre-Facelift)
SKU: CBK0002
Delivery date: 3-5 dage
kr 20 859,75
Picture of APR Catback Exhaust w/ New Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (Pre-Facelift)
APR Catback Exhaust w/ New Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (Pre-Facelift)
SKU: CBK0021
Delivery date: 3-5 dage
kr 22 853,65
Picture of APR Catback Exhaust w/ New Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (MK7.5 (Typ 5G) (Post-Facelift)
APR Catback Exhaust w/ New Style Resonator MK7 (Typ 5G) (MK7.5 (Typ 5G) (Post-Facelift)
SKU: CBK0017
Delivery date: 3-5 dage
kr 21 748,75